Sunday, December 29, 2013

Queen of Colors


    So I love the blog It Just Gets Stranger. I read it religiously ever since I discovered the Snuggie Texts blog posts. If you haven't read it and are in need of a good laugh go read this blog now! Eli McCann is quite entertaining and has lots of inside jokes with his readers. Something that Eli talks about a lot is the Queen of Colors. He actually mentions the Queen of Colors in the Snuggie Texts post. Basically the Queen of Colors is a evil chicken. You can read about this evil chicken here. 

    The Bloggess  also has a post that is quite humorous. It is about Beyonce-the-giant-metal-chicken. I love this post! It is a must read.     

This is Alley. She is my co-worker but also a really good friend. One day she said the phrase "I don't want no bunny banana frog ok no way!" Being a reader of Stranger I knew what she was talking about and we bonded over the Queen of Colors, The First Eye and Leotrix. We also bonded over Beyonce. 

She kept telling me for Christmas that she saw something in the store and immediately thought of me. I had no idea what it could be. She knew how much I love scarfs and jewelry so I assumed it was something like that. It wasn't. 

Alley bought me a Metal chicken. 

The Queen on Colors has been sitting on my desk at work for a while now. I keep looking over at my chicken sitting there quietly. It is freaking me out. Thanks Alley and once up the barrel, twice down the side. 

Of course I had to send a photo of the Queen of Colors to Eli. I explained how I came into possession of the metal chicken. He emailed me later that day. It said:

"You need a new job. Like, before Christmas."

Apparently I should be looking for a new job! Anyone know of a chicken free workplace? 

PS - If you don't read Eli's blog you really should. 

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