Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just Divorced


       Today has been a strange day. I had to met with my ex so he could sign some paperwork for me. I thought it would be a quick meeting, some papers would be signed and then we would go on with our day. I really wasn't worried about seeing him and didn't think it would be a big deal. We met and I asked how his family was and he asked about mine. And we ended catching up for a bit. 

       I noticed we had been talking a while and he all the sudden seemed a bit nervous. I could tell there was something he needed to get off his chest. "So I have read your blog." It had never crossed my mind that he would read it. I should have because you know gossip travels like lighting. He expressed to me his thoughts on it and his families thoughts. The thing he asked is why now. Why was I making all my thoughts and feeling public now. I didn't do a great job of explaining this when I started this so I will explain now. 

        The past year I have kept many journals. Whenever I couldn't handle something I would write about it. If I have learned anything in the past year it is that my divorce is my baggage that I will always carry with me. My divorce has effected most decisions I have made. And I wrote my thoughts and feelings down the whole time. So most of the posts are journal entries that I have adapted. I choose to share it now because it has been a year and I felt like enough time had past and I was ready to share my experiences. I was hoping people who were judgmental towards me might better understand better. 

       We ended up talking for quite a while. He told me how he found out through the grape vine about my blog and how when he first read it that he was upset that I was bringing up old history. I understood completely where he was coming from and we talked about it. I just want to clarify again why I write. I write because I felt so alone at times I would have loved to hear someone else's story. I write because it is very therapeutic to me. Not all my posts are going to be about divorce but my divorce is apart of me so I will continue to write about it.  

Mainly this is why I write: 

This is why I write and I am not stopping anytime soon.

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  1. Hi Taylor honey, I love that you are writing from your heart because I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT you will be helping a lot of people! I was going to comment on Part 1 and Part 2 but I was visiting a friend and using my hubby's iPad and it wasn't easy to post a comment. I'm so happy you and your ex talked because it is just a tiny step further forward towards healing. It is SUCH a positive thing that you chatted for a while. I can totally understand he may have been a bit flummoxed (I love that word it sort of means ''at a loss'') about you blogging such personal things but it is so good that you got a chance to explain why (then and now in your words). I LOVE YOUR BLOG and look forward to reading your posts so much. My story at the moment is not about divorce but here is still hardship in what I hoped would be a wonderful second marriage. Deep sigh.. but that's for another time. Hugs with love xxxx

  2. Dear Taylor:
    I found your blog today. After reading your post, I worked my way to your 1st blog post. You are such an Amazing woman. Your strength & willingness to open up your heart is a blessing to everyone who reads your blog. You can see the love & passion that come right from your heart. Don't ever stop writing & sharing. You'll never realize how many people you have & will touch through your blog. I look forward to your next post.

  3. Hi Taylor. I'm one of the GA EMI gals who gets to hang out with your mom when she's here teaching or at CHA

    Even though I'm not going thru exactly what you are with divorce..... Your posts really touch my heart and encourage me with the health problems that are limiting me right now (drs say I can't go on cruise which was the icing on the cake).

    Keep reaching out and showing how there is light in darkness as you navigate this journey. Stay true to yourself and do what God leads you to do.

  4. Taylor be brave!
    A quote for you:

    Life ends when you stop dreaming...
    Hope ends when you stop believing...
    Love ends when you stop caring... and...
    friendship ends when you stop sharing.

  5. It was never easy to publicly share serious matters like divorce; but you did, and that's something to be admired of. Writing is a wonderful way to relieve yourself from your sufferings, and at the same time, you get to inspire other couples experiencing the same fate. Glad to hear that you were able to save the friendship with your ex-husband! No anger or grudge, just smooth sailing for the both of you.