Monday, August 12, 2013

Most Embarrassing......

         Wow! My last few posts have been very serious and borderline depressing. I promise I will try and shakes things up and keep it light hearted around here. Not all my posts are going to be about my journey through my divorce. Just some. And this isn't one of them. 

        Today I am sharing a story that happened long ago before I was married. It is a story I have grown to love! I consider it the most embarrassing moment of my life. Truly it has become a highlight of my time in Oregon. It is the story I share when I want to shock and wow. And I always have an answer when people ask what is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. I always get a great response after telling it. So for your enjoyment here is that story! 

         The year 2008. I am barely 18 and living in Oregon after graduating high school and being so mad at my parents I wanted to nothing to do with them. So I moved to out of the state. This hands down is one the greatest decisions I have ever made. Dying my hair brown however was one of the worst! 

          During the short time I lived there I met my best friends, grew up a lot and learned a lot of lessons. I do wish I was in more photos instead of the one behind it. You can ask all my friends, I was always the one taking photos. I do wish I had more pictures with me in them. 

         Moving to Oregon helped make me the person I am today. I have lots of amazing stories of my time there but this story is about a boy. A boy I had a huge crush on. And he kinda liked me back. I really don't know any other way to put it. We would hang out. He would make the long half an hour drive to see me at at night which none of my other friends would do. And he was really good at cuddling. We even kissed a few times. 

         It was very complicated though. I had never really been in a serious post-high-school relationship and I think I came on a little strong.  We weren't officially dating but I remember being with some friends and a random girl came up to me and asked if I was dating said boy. I had no idea how she knew that and I didn't know how to answer so I told her we were just hanging out a lot. 

         There is something you should know about me. When I fall I fall hard. And even though I had no idea what we were I was falling hard for him in a short period of time. Hey I was young so give me a break! And then the fateful night happened. The night that would become the most embarrassing moment of my life thus far. We were at a party which I was in charge of and had been running around like a crazy person organizing all night. I finally had a bit of down time so I went into the kitchen. My best friend Summer was in there along with about 20 other people. Now this was a small kitchen. If one person said something everyone could hear it. 

         And queue lover boy. I was so excited to see him. He came up and gave me a hug and said words no one wants to hear. "I think we need to have a talk." Of course the whole room got a bit less noisy   He then said the line that would become the highlight of many girls nights with my friends. "Taylor kissing you is awkward and uncomfortable. " And everyone heard him say this. Everyone. 

        I was shocked and didn't know what to say. He said a bunch of other stuff but I didn't process any of it. I just kept repeating that first line in my head. Awkward and uncomfortable. Me? I told him I understood and then said there was something I need to "check on" and left the room. I have great friends though. 4 of them pulled me into a empty room and let me cry on their shoulders for a hour. I was so embarrassed! I just was humiliated in a room FULL of my friends. They all heard the whole messy thing. 

        My eyes were red and puffy and then the door opened and guess who was on the other side. He asked if we could go for a drive and talk. I wanted answers so I said yes and followed him outside. We got in the car and he took my hand. I think we mainly drove in silence. He tired to explain what he was feeling. Sadly I knew I would never get over his words. The next Sunday at church everyone knew what had happened and I got asked about it a lot. I was pretty mortified. 

           Obviously things did not work out with him. But I want to thank him. I love this story. I laugh when I tell it and can't help but smile. It is so bad, it is good. All my friends know him by name and refer to this all the time. It has become a running joke. They tease me all the time about how awkward and uncomfortable I am. I often wonder if this boy knows I still talk about him and his epic one liner. Does he know that he is famous in my little circle of friends. I am sure he doesn't know I am writing a whole blog post about him!

           So if your reading this now and you are the boy who broke my young heart, congrats! And thanks for the laughs and shocked faces I get when I tell this story and for making me feel awkward and uncomfortable!  

It really is a great story.       

If you have a great embarrassing story please leave a comment below with your story! 

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