Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Love Story

       My little sister is married! And she made the most gorgeous bride. Devan and Gentry were married on May 21, 2013. I am so happy for these two. Devan is truly a wonderful man. I love when I catch him looking at Gentry and I can see all the love he holds for her. Their wedding day was so beautiful. Gentry had a vision for her wedding that she wanted and she pulled it off perfectly. If you want to see some more photos head to her blog and check them out. It was a great day. 

        These two are wonderful examples of soul mates. I love how completely perfect they are together. Devan calms Gent down in a way I didn't know was possible until she met him. And Gentry brings out a side of Devan that is fun and playful. Like every couple they do fight sometimes but I know these two are going to grow grey and old watching their grand babies grow up.  I was honored to be apart of their wedding day when Gentry asked me to be a Bridesmaid and her Maid of Honor.

       In the weeks leading up to her wedding Gentry moved in with me for about a month. My house became wedding central. There was stuff everywhere! Flowers and ribbons and paper and pictures. We would stay up late working on projects and talking about life. I truly treasure these weeks with Gentry. We became even closer as sisters. Quickly though the wedding was upon us. 

          I was so excited for Gent to be getting married! Gentry and Devan were married in the LDS Temple in Draper, Utah. In the LDS church when a couple is married in the temple they are sealed for Time and All Eternity. It is a very sacred ceremony. Me and my other sister McKay, who was also a bridesmaid, arrived at the temple about 30 minutes before the ceremony was to take place. We walked into the temple and were shown into a waiting room until closer to the sealing.

         In the waiting room it was quiet and peaceful. Both families were there waiting to be shown into the Sealing room. You could feel the love in the room for Devan and Gentry. My mom was crying already and there was a smile on every face. Soon the ceremony took place. I remember walking into the room and seeing Gentry. She looked so beautiful but even more then her outside beauty I could see her inside beauty radiating. 

        In preparing for this day I never in a million years thought it would be anything but a happy day. And it was! It also was a hard day. As a sat next to McKay watching my sister marry the love of her life I felt a huge pain in my heart. I didn't realize it until I was sitting in that room that this was the first wedding I had been to since my divorce. As a sat there listening to the words that were being said I couldn't help but think back three years to when I was being married.

       I was so happy for them but my heart was breaking. I was a mess. I started balling and could barely keep it in. I was trying so hard to not let Gentry see me so upset. McKay was holding my hand. She understood what I was feeling. I thought of my failed marriage. I want this for myself. I want to be married to the love of my life and start a family. I was very jealous of Gentry for a minute. It was so hard knowing I had EXACTLY what I always wanted but lost it. I wanted what Gentry and Devan had but for some reason it didn't work out the first time. 

       At the reception later that night I cried again when Gentry danced with my dad and then her first dance with Devan as husband and wife. I cried when I watched their wedding video that had been made for them. I cried when he told her how much he loved her. It all just reminded me of photo albums I have tried to forgot about of my wedding day. The majority of that day was wonderful. We danced and laughed and had a great time. There was only a handful of moments that were hard. A few people noticed how I had been crying randomly throughout the day. I didn't want anyone to worry about me since it was Gentry's day but I was shown so much love and support that day.

     So thank you to my uncle Jim. Your words meant so much to me. Thank you Amy, TC, and McKay. You were there for me the entire day. You ladies seemed to know exactly when I needed a hug or a kind word. Also thanks to my Mom for being my biggest support system.

      I don't have any doubt that someday I will have another wedding but this time it will be the one that lasts. I don't know when it will happen and I don't know who the groom will be but I do know that it will be different this next time. There isn't any rush either. I am going to get my love story and it has a happily ever after this time. 

Congrats Gentry and Devan on starting your life together! I love you both!

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  1. Hi gorgeous Taylor, this post moved me so much. I can only imagine how you must have felt sitting there thinking about your own wedding and your divorce. The one thing this post shows me crystal clearly though honey is that:
    YOU ARE STRONG BEYOND BELIEF.. You may not feel it at times but it radiates out from your words.

    I am so proud of you, especially for this blog, it is just so the right thing to do for yourself and you are right, your time will come again, there is no rush and next time it will be for keeps. Hugs with love xxx