Thursday, March 6, 2014

I am back....

Well it has only been two months since I posted anything. Could have been worse. Life has been crazy and I have found sometimes I don't have time to eat let alone write anything. 

Between work, family life and a social life I have stayed pretty busy. Finally I have found a moment to sit down and actually write. I can't tell you how much I have missed this! Just sitting down in front of the key board brought a smile to my face. 

I promised that I would share my New Years letter with you that I wrote a while back. I think that is the reason I have been struggling with posting. It was so deeply personal and I was terrified to share it. After much thought on the matter I decided it was something that was just for me. I wrote of how trying and how beautiful the last year of my life had been. About new friends and old ones. I wrote of wishes and dreams and hopes. Maybe one day I will share it but for now it is something for me to read and learn from. 

I am going to be much better about posting and watch for new posts. I have lot of updating to do! 

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